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Titanium Dioxide

A white pigment of great versatility, titanium dioxide helps to beautify and protect. Its opacity and tinting strength make titanium dioxide the most widely used white pigment in the world. Titanium dioxide’s major applications are in paints, paper, plastics and printing inks.

Ishihara has developed several innovative products with special properties for premium applications in paints and plastics. Ishihara’s premium products include super durable TiO2 grades, a premium hybrid TiO2 – SiO2 – ZnO matte grade, premium polycarbonate TiO2 grades, pearlescent grades, infrared reflective heat shield pigments, and a premium non-colored matting agent.

Titanium dioxide is the most commonly used white pigment. Because of its high degree of whiteness and opacity, it is used for cosmetic foundation.

COLORED PIGMENTS – Tipaque Yellow & Tipaque Buff
Titanium dioxide is the base for our colored pigments, Tipaque Yellow and Tipaque Buff. These very durable pigments offer superior resistance to heat and weather. These titanate pigments are used in paints, plastics and inks.


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