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Tipaque Yellow

Tipaque Yellow

Ishihara’s nickel titanate is produced with perfect uniformity by a continuous process controlled by automatic corrective feedback. Consequently, the yellow you see in today’s nickel titanate is the same yellow you’ll see in tomorrow’s shipment. From data to data and year to year, the match will be perfect. Specifications on raw materials are stringent. Continuous stream processing is performed in a rotary kiln. As a result, you are assured of precise and perfect uniformity to a degree impossible to achieve through batch processing techniques.


  • Tipaque Yellow is a yellow pigment with the following properties: excellent durability, superior heat and light stability, excellent hiding power, high tinting strength and superior gloss. It is easy to disperse and is chemically inert.
  • The color is obtained by the thermodiffusion of antimony and nickel atoms into the crystal lattice of rutile titanium dioxide under high processing temperatures. Tipaque Yellow will not decompose to nickel or antimony components.


  • Coatings, plastics and printing inks



Tipaque Yellow TY-50 and TY-70

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