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Functional Materials

ISK’s functional material products are generally divided into the following classes. For expanded information on a particular class, please click on the closest menu button, or simply select by the appropriate CLASS CATEGORY shown below. To view the technical data sheet for a particular product, click on the data sheets button on the menu and select the desired item class.

Ultrafine TiO2 – TTO SERIES
ISK’s TTO-55 and TTO-51 series are ultrafine rutile TiO2 developed with our own technology. The particle sizes are approximately one-tenth the size of pigmentary TiO2, ranging from 0.01 to 0.05um, and offer excellent transparency and ultraviolet shielding effects. Ultrafine TiO2 is rapidly gaining popularity and is being used in new automotive coatings to achieve opalescence or flip-flop effects on cars. These products also have widespread usage in sunscreen products as ultraviolet light absorbers.

High Purity TiO2
CR-EL and PT-401/501 series are ultra-high purity TiO2 products containing very few impurities. They offer superior dispersability, compatibility and reactivity for ceramics applications. They are especially suitable for electroceramic industry condensers, PZT, PTC and sensors. Other end uses of high purity TiO2 are as capsules for pharmaceuticals and as food additives.

Acicular TiO2 – FTL SERIES
Our FTL series products are unique reinforcing materials for use where an extremely small or thin particle size is required. These materials have applications in plastic, ceramics, paints, paper and rubber.

Electro-conductive TiO2 Materials
With more utilization of plastic as a material and development of electronic devices which symbolize the era of information, various troubles caused by static electricity has become more serious problem. Therefore, demand for materials, which can ease the influence of static electricity, has been increasing. To meet the above demand, ISK has successfully developed four types of electro-conductive materials based on our advanced titanium dioxide pigment manufacturing technology : transparent electro-­conductive materials (SN, FS series) and white electro-conductive titanium dioxides (ET, FT series). These materials are designed to be used in various fields such as coatings, plastics, inks, etc.